I'm wondering about a bill

I got this bill for $186.00 in the mail this afternoon. It was the second time they sent me this bill. I got it for going to Siloam Springs Urgent Care clinic to check on a lung infection. I waited in a doctor’s office for around ten or fifteen minutes, and then the doctor showed up. He talked to me about ten or fifteen minutes and then prescribed me some pills. When I got the bill it listed a doctor’s visit and “miscellaneous”. A lot of these billing companies are known to pad their bills shamelessly. I called Siloam Springs Clinic Co. and asked them to send me an itemized bill. If every charge pans out I will pay the bill, but that “miscellaneous” was a real red flag to me.


Good for you,

Asking for an itemized bill.

I would have done the same.

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I’m thinking about calling the local paper and seeing if they are interested in doing an expose on how medical collections operations over charge on their bills.

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What is not covered by Medicare I pass to my insurance, like ambulance bill.

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Asking for an itemized bill was the right thing to do.

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