I'm with John Paul Jones

“I have just begun to fight”.
I have a long way to go.

Takes a bigger man to just walk away sometimes.

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I was speaking allegoricaly about life with schizophrenia and just life in general.

Think you need to articulate your thoughts more clearly then, but I can talk.

OK, I just did.


Good news!

I’m soon to be 45. I’ve fought enough and it’s time others take charge. In the end it’s the rubbish that wins. Remember the internet in the year 2000 you met wonderful folks and it was a great exchange of ideas.

It’s 2015 and it’s all about dick pics and social decay!

Fock it! I’ve fought enough and I have no energy for such things…I’m going to be selfish! It’s my time finally!

A friend in the struggle,


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At first I thought you were talking about the bassist of Led Zeppelin. I didn’t remember him being quoted too often. :laughing:

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