I'm very pissed

I have a foreign unemployed aunt who’s done anything for money…

and she always calls me fat.

she came by this morning

and she’s still here

laying down in the livingroom that I pay rent for.

my mom wouldn’t let me sleep on the sofa, yet she’s doing exactly that.

but knowing my MI, I calmed myself. I’m calling mom.

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sirBoring how are your studies going?
You recently said you are studying computers.
By the way, you should be calm in the face of your aunts provocations.

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I’ve postponed because of her…

so they’re going bad

I’d be calmer if my mom allowed her.

but mom lets no-one sleep on sofa.

I let her in, thinking she’d just come and go.

Look it is a delicate situation. You probably feel uncomfortable about her.
It seems that her character is problematic.
I advise you not to let her interrupt your study routine.
On the other hand, she is jobless and has her problems. So perhaps you can try to help her.
Can you help her find a job perhaps?

I don’t have a job.

mom’s coming home soon :relaxed:

if mom’s okay paying 340$ extra monthly, I’ll live elsewhere

So? that you don’t have a job doesn’t prevent you from helping others.
I can’t work, but I gave advice to a former classmate about finding a job and I could do even more.

Problem: aunt’s sleeping in my livingroom

Goal: get her out immediately

Ezra’s Method: help her get a job. even though he doesn’t have one…

Ezra, Ezra, Ezra…

I’m not letting aunt in, next time.


Ok I don’t blame you. But I do believe that it is possible to think of others and try to help them, even if your own
situation is poor.( to sirBoring)
By the way, I gather that you live with your mom and pay part of the rent? Is this true?

yes: tis why I’m more pissed about this.

Edit: called mom. she’s okay with aunt sleeping on sofa.

I’m not paying 340$. I rather pay next-door relatives.

Well at least you have some pocket money. I don’t have any money of my own.
Although my parents take care of me, and our relationship is good.
I might file for Israeli social security.(to sirBoring)

I’m next-door right now. :relaxed:

keeping cool and calm. :smile:

If you have found a solution, then I’m very glad for you :slight_smile:

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Here’s my method:

if aunt buzzes door, don’t answer.
if aunt rings doorbell, don’t answer.
if mom calls home and tells me to let aunt in, I will.
I’ll stay next-door until aunt leaves.

If aunt leaves not, I’ll pay to stay next-door for night.

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that’s a good algorithm for saving yourself from your aunt.
Is she really that bad?
Edit: it appears so

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Imagine if a stranger walked into your bedroom and started sleeping on your bed.

she’s still here.

I know she can’t stay:

  1. she’ll run out of food
  2. my mom harasses free-loaders

if she talks on phone much, she best talk in backroom, else I’m pulling telephone line.

That’s messed up… I’m sorry your auntie is trying to muscle in on your area… Maybe challenge her to an old skool kung fu fight… Ask her if she wants the thunder…lol…sorry you know I must throw some kind of joke in on my post…


I was eating cereal, minding my business. she said “that cereal’s fattening!”

I wanted to shout “there’s the ^%&$%^& door!”


aunt wants to watch tv.

so when nobody was around, I trickled water in cable box.


“I accidentally trickled water in cable box”… is what I meant.

I watch not tv. I pay for electricity.