I'm very emotional today

I’m not sure what’s going on. Maybe it’s because I talked to my daughter today. She called my ex yesterday looking for me but I was out to lunch so I missed her. I figured she was probably mostly after money. But my ex said she was hurting because I won’t ever hold a conversation with her. It’s true I don’t usually say much because I don’t want to be negative. So today when I talked to her I tried my best to engage.

She’s homeless, without a vehicle. Using a bike to get around. Working sometimes at a motel for a room so she’ll be able to get herself a shower and a good nights sleep. Working other odd jobs. She has an interview today at Walmart. She’s worked at Walmart twice before so maybe she’ll get the job. She’s not with that loser anymore thankfully. She’ll do better on her own.


I know that’s gotta be hard and I’m sorry… I hope you two can fix y’all’s relationship and she gets a more permanent place I am also crossing my fingers that she gets the job

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I know how it feels to be homeless… Only difference is I had a car and sold my body for a place to sleep and shower

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I definitely understand how talking to your daughter could bring up so many emotions.

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