I'm very angry at the bank

I got this fraudulent charge for $59 on my account this morning. I called the bank to try to get it removed, and they refused. They kept telling me all these procedures they would have to go through to get that done, when I know for a fact that they can remove pending charges with a few very simple procedures. I’m starting to really hate that bank, and if there is any way I can sue them I will.

Yes the bank can easily remove a charge if they want. They don’t want to sounds like.

They have told me lie after lie. They cannot be trusted with other people’s money.

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Sorry - $59 is a lot. And you shouldn’t have to fight because their system allowed a fraud charge to occur on your account.

I would switch banks - i have a good bank - always waiving my late fees -
but a new bank is offering $250 if i get my direct deposits moved there.

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The bank has to investigate your claim. They have 10 days to do so.


Last week my debit card got charged for $308…my bank took the charge off 5 business days later, I just had to be patient.


when I got fraudulent charges made on my account my bank helped me start a new account…they should do that for you in the least…try that.

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I have another problem. I signed on to a monthly allotment of $30 for an International Rescue Organization. Right now I have $11 in the bank. The problem is that I can only go to the bank once a week. That means that if I can’t cover that $30 by April 15th I will be charged a late fee of $17. Man, I am really angry about this, for a lot of reasons.

My gosh -
so i been asking my bank for $50 overdraft fees removed.
And customer service just gives me a credit due to financial stress.
Your bank sounds hardcore greedy.

That must be a charity?

One reason why I do not do that crap. Aside from corruption they want your money whether you are hungry or sick.

Put a block on it and say goodbye to them if they are going to be crappy and charge late fees.


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I don’t know if it is the bank, or if it something personal they have against me. Right now I want them to pay.

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It’s not the rescue organization that will charge me the late fees. It is the bank, and they’re making me really mad. A different bank might be an option. If they don’t remove this fraudulent charge without giving me any grief I will turn against them.


Oh sorry. You must have meant an overdraft fee? Well, it is definately a pickle.

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