I'm upset (rant)

I’m upset that I got schizophrenia when other people’s lives are fine.

I’m upset that God hates me.

I’m upset that other people also hate me because I’m schizophrenic.

I’m upset that the entire society and my parents hate me and are ashamed that I exist.

I’m upset that people want to get rid of me.

I’m upset that I’m me. Everything about me is disgusting. Everything about me is worthless.

I’m upset that I’m worthless.

I wish I just died.

Hang in there. 15151

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Lol “uplifting” posts clip of The Truman Show

Hang in there @laetitia, you may not see it but there is indeed light at the end of the dark tunnel youre in. And despite what you think, you do have value, you just dont allow yourself to see it. Youve helped me so much, even today, when I was down. And your parents see that as well, thats why they care for you, physically and emotionally. Id be sad to lose you


@zwolfgang @anongoodnurse @Jonathan2
@anongoodnurse In fact I watched all of The Truman Show.

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I talked to my clinic after hours person,
then a hotline, last night. both women,

about the paranoid messages I always get
that I’m a bad person, kind of like what you posted here.
I learned in a class how we feel about ourselves,
and also how we feel about the world, are main players

that work on our minds, especially in us.
I don’t need these messages either. I already
know my short-comings, my flaws, where I have failed.

maybe when we feel this way, it gets back to a ‘perfectionist’ sort of thing. We should think of it this way, We are more interesting
with imperfections, don’t you think? :slight_smile:

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