I'm Unique, Just Like Everybody Else


You are always so positive @Patrick
What a great way to be!


To the 18- 20 somethings on this board…

Trust me, after 30 you stop caring about what anybody thinks about you, so why not start now? :wink:


I think the beauty of getting older is that at some point, you just become who you truly are.


Can’t agree more. Awesome.


I think at 25 this happened to me…but there’s still progress that can be made…

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But you’re ahead of the curve. The strength gained from the adversity of your affliction has made you age like a fine wine. :wink:


I really appreciate the compliments Patrick.

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problem may be when someone else or lots others want to be you because it makes them feel happy and good and they love feeling like you so they might take your rum, eons, name even and you might feel them and that may not be a very nice thing because you want to feel like your self.
But if someone else is in your body…
I love feeling like myself and being myself but im not “at home” often and many people want me in there body.
Ive done comedy and care work and been workaholic in so many different ways.
Better than when was child and was just surviving and was in there bodies and never in my own body but as an adult its better.

I am very grateful for who and all i am and want to feel like myself and be myself but as mentioned others have tied my wings up, taken rum, cheated cattle and list goes on …
they dont want to be me if they wanna be me or feel like me and have me money etc

good ol’ peanuts taking me back to my childhood christmas specials…