I'm trying to start a non profit but my marketing strategy is off

I’ve started companies before with success. I studied entrprenseurship from a young ago and was also planning and working through ideas. also took the first year of a business management degree a couple years ago online. but then I got really sick and things just got worse. things have changed or maybe there’s just no market. but I think schizophrenics are usually very smart and cunning, we just have problems, which is why I’m coming to you guys for any input.
so I’m trying to start a meditation mentoring/teaching service that’s completely free, meant to improve mental health and well being in general. I tested the waters of my strategy with $40 in ads costs, same way I did for a business that saw great yields from. but this time it’s basically zero reach. Is there no market for meditation today? I took a course and became certified as an instructor and everything, also I would love teaching, especially teaching meditation. I have a website that’s fresh and modern looking, logos that are appealing, etc.

any suggestions welcome, thx

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Why not just create a blog? Or a vlog. And set up a Patreon account?

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