I'm trying to get somewhere

Idk where i’m going I just know that i’m trying to get there,

i’ve been on twitter trying to get a following and trying to post good current and interesting things, i’m doing it bc i care about people with mental health problems and i want to make people aware that we are not bad people, given the choice and under the right circumstances we can be productive members of society,

a good med and the right conditions and we can achieve things that nobody would ever have imagined.


You could start a blog of your life, and about others who have sz/sza and yet are productive, nonviolent members of society.


thanks pianogal but i havent got the time or patience to do a blog, i’d rather live life than write about it, hoping maybe i can write something some day but it is rather laborious, i get bored very fast, i find my own life to be rather boring tbh despite what i do.


There’s always Facebook.

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I do facebook and twitter as well as here and that is enough for me, i tried writing a book but i got fed up with it lol.

That makes sense @Resilient1

Well the nice thing about writing a book is that you can literally walk away from it for days and go back to it and it’s still sitting there waiting for you. You can add a little at a time to it over time. Maybe you could see if you could write articles for magazines?

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i write articles, i wrote an article yesterday but its just for a small group of members, it is available to read online though lol comes out every quarter and the next publication is on the 28th


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