I'm tortured by the fact that I hate children

Some kids used to get on my nerves. When I met my wife I told her I have no desire for children. I told her I understand if she wants kids and I’m ok with that. We had two boys, one of the best things that has happened to me . Kids really don’t get on my nerves anymore I find them entertaining ( for a time ). And the baby’s that I thought where sticky and smelly. Yah I think there pretty cute and funny.


Is there a certain age group that you feel hate for the most?

i have children and grandchildren, but over the years because of trauma n suchlike - i wont go into the ins n outs but lets just say that because i have lost the kids. i dont like the fact that other mums n dads let their kids go screaming around the shops or they let them walk along the mall on their own.

when my kids were with me, i used to make their dinner first and make sure tey werent hungry before we went out, so that i could do window shopping or go shopping without any hinderance like mum i want this mum i want that. my kids werent perfect but they behaved without me having to yell at them.

now i get annyed that some people have kids just to yell at them. and it hurts like heck because i want my family back. i know i wil get them back but until then, no i dont like the fact i cant have halloween, birthdays, christmas etc i cant enjoy any of those things.

but i understand where you are coming from because in my psychosis i hated hearing the kids in the mall, yelling or screaming. i didnt hate kids but the fact that i didnt hve mine was unbearable.

anyway enough of rambling on.

i hopeyour meds n councelling will go into why you are like this and that you can get some sort of turn around eventually because its really not fair on your emotions and brain. i was like it for months, i dont know how long youve been like it. but try n get some sort of cuncelling anyway

hope you get well soon xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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I think it is because life is full of surprises, especially those of untrained children. I’m just too old to respond to the needs of a lot of life.

Yes. Avoid children as much as you can. If you have to be near them try to hide your feelings. Always remember that any interaction you have with them doesn’t have to last long. Personally, I like children, but they can wear me out. I never had children, and I think I missed out on one of life’s best experiences.

I’m living with a six year old, now. She is in school during the day and is next door a lot. I don’t have a lot to do with her. When I do interact with her, I’m quite formal as you might expect.

Honestly I hate children more than basically anything else on earth. They make my psychotic symptoms really flare up because I don’t have the patience to deal with them and my brain can’t handle it. I don’t know how I’ll be with my own kid, hopefully everything will be fine. But I’ve heard so many people who have kids say that they strongly hate every other kid but their own. Bottom line is that I know exactly how you feel. Some people just aren’t wired to deal with children

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I love my daughter, but I couldn’t deal with her when she was a toddler.

When I divorced my wife, I didn’t contest custody because I knew my daughter was best off with her.

I haven’t talked to my little girl in years. She’s going on 16 now, and the best thing that has happened to her was me getting out of her life.

I hope she doesn’t have what I have.

I hate children ever since I’ve had them in my head calling me cute proper ■■■■■■ up if you hate something long enough you begin to like it so time I guess