I'm tired of seeing ghost

I don’t know how movie deal with it, but see ghost, monster just random pop up in real life, it’s really f***** terrifying. I know it’s just visual hallucinations, but after all these years I still can’t cope with it, something with brain seeing monster I think!?

Anybody have any advice… I’m really tired of random frightening…

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i see hell below my feet
ghosts :ghost:
when i was a child, young teenager…it could be frightening. :scream_cat:
you get used to it.
for me… i face my fears.
sometimes more successfully than others.
this is 24/7 for me.
if you see a monster stare it down
or ask what it wants
or cut it to pieces with your mind
i use spheres of light.
take care :alien:

I have that problem a lot with several ghosts. It’s okay to talk to them and tell them that they are not the boss. It’s really scary but feeling in control of the interaction really helps me. Take care!

you need to tell your psychiatrist about it and get on meds that will help with this. I say this a lot on the forum but so many times it’s the right answer I believe.