I'm tired of hearing other people's thoughts

All it is, is “piece of ■■■■ this.” “■■■■■■ that” “i hate you” “your only good for sex”. Does anyone ever have a pleasant and kind thought?

Kazuma, you can’t hear other people’s thoughts. I had the opposite problem, I thought people could read my broadcasted thoughts.

Talk to your doctor about why you’re on a sub therapeutic dose, especially if you’re having problems like this.

I went up to 15mg last night (orders from the doc) hopefully that helps. And i think people can read my thoughts too but only when im alone.

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Glad to hear it. 15mg is a big dose by all accounts, it’s very possible you could drop back to 10mg one day. But geez, a sub-10mg dose really doesn’t seem to do you any good. I’m not a doctor or anything, but…

Stick with it Kazuma, we’re all rooting for you.

It’s not happening, you are not hearing other people’s thoughts and people can’t hear your thoughts. It’s all part of the illness.

I can’t read other people’s thoughts…

But I think most guys thoughts are about boobs and butts.

Most women’s thoughts are about Ikea and Island Kitchen Counters.

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