I'm tired of hearing about it!- a poem

I’m so tired of hearing about your stolen mojo
How you were cheated so long ago!
If you’re going to try to get it back
Then please stop complaining about your lack!
You say “I’m weary and out of shape”
But you let yourself go, you’re like an ape!
So what if you could have been the man to envy
And had so many lovers it would make me dizzy?
It’s late now and I don’t care
Life will be over and besides you’re no longer there!
It is sad though you could have had reciprocal pleasure
And you just threw away your treasure
You paid ten times ten for your mistake
And the sentence is over you stupid fake!


Yeah. But your mind is set. It usually takes time. May have been knee-jerk.

I’m sorry, are you talking in code? What means you?

It’s sounds like some kind of relationship. That was my resonse.

It is just a poem to my forlorn Alter ego.

He cares and I’m not there to care.

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