I'm thinking of stopping my meds for several days

I’ve been having problems sleeping at night. I’m up till 3 or 4am and need to get up at 7am. I thought I would stop talking all medications for several days to see if they are causing insomnia. I’m not planning on quitting them for very long, however.

i think it is better u talk with ur pdoc

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Don’t do it. You will likely have bad results.

Adjust the timing of when you take your meds, but don’t stop taking them. Zyprexa normally makes people tired, but it gives me insomnia, so I take it in the early morning so I have energy during the day. Then I take 6 mg of Melatonin to get to sleep. When I took Zyprexa at bedtime, I got zero sleep, so I just adjusted the time I take it, and now it works out just fine.


I would advise you to not stop your meds and talk to your doctor. :bird::bird::bird:


Do not attempt this!!!
You are asking for trouble!


Latuda stopped working for me completely when I went off it for several days

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When I threw up one dose of medication, 3 days later I went into a painful, scary crisis that lasted a week and a half. I cant miss one dose, let alone stop for days. I’m afraid that might kill me


Yesterday I took most of my meds in the morning, and I slept last night for a change. So I did the same thing today. I’m not going to stop my meds now that I’m sleeping.


I spoke with my pdoc today, and he is fine with my med changes except he wants me to take the Risperidone in the evening. I’m going to do that tomorrow, but if I can’t sleep, I’m going to move it back to the morning.

Good, I hope that helps

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