I'm thinking I wouldn't mind going blind

My eyes are tense and tired. So much of life has to do with sight. I realize we can’t all go blind, but I’m thinking it would be nice - maybe for a week.

Blindness is worse than sz for me. Imagine seeing all black for the rest of your life. Its sad and depressing. I will get suicidal.


I chose a gray for sight.

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I have severe keratoconus in both my eyes. I’m virtually blind in my left eye. I need to go for a corneal transplant in future. It’s not nice. I really don’t want to go blind.


Oh man I’m sorry @Fellowman

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I was diagnosed at age 21 with keratoconus so I come a long way with it.

It has become progressively worse over the years.

I wear strong compacted prescription glasses. Atm I’m ok with it, thanks @Wave . I just fear for the day I have to get a transplant.


I am actually going to experiment with wearing a sleeping mask while I’m awake during the day for a short period of time, maybe one hour. Just to sharpen my other senses, meditate and to remind myself that visual impressions aren’t everything. I imagine I will be listening to music or radio and try to perform some simple chores with no help from my eyes.

My mother was blind, she didn’t like any part of it. It is one of the most debilitating of handicaps, especially in a world of smooth, touch interfaces. Running out of things to complain about?


Yes. I need to stop and count my blessings. But my eyes do hurt. It would be less problematical then being in a psych ward for a month. I don’t have to cook here, either, so that would not be a problem.

Why do they hurt? Maybe you are spending too much time in front of computers, mobile and tv? I try to limit my time on screens, it helps. Also I have blue light filters on all my devices.

No. They’ve always hurt. When I was a kid and someone would flip on a light, it was a painful adjustment. I’m also slow to focus.

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I see. Well that doesen’t sound good. Have you tried wearing tinted glasses? There are glasses with amber, yellow or orange glass. They can protect you from photosensitivity. I use a pair at work because it is painful to work under industrial lights for a whole day. I can’t use them the whole time though, because then my nose starts to hurt. There’s always something…

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