Im thinking i don't want to work, but maybe 10-15 hours

dad was showing me job ads, and got mad at me when i wouldn’t look at them. he really wants me to go back to work. i think im not going to look for work until i move to an apartment. don’t know how long i will stay here, at least another year. the only reason to work is to alleviate some boredom, but i just feel so done with it. i worked for 13 years, before and after sz and sometimes feel like i have done my share of the work already, don’t know why people feel the need to work 40 years. anyways, when i move i will look for somewhere a couple shifts a week, just to make a little extra spending money without losing benefits. but i dont want to be stressed, so im thinking 15 or 10 hours a week. also it has to be somewhere i can walk to, as im planning on giving up my driver’s license when it expires.

I tried working 15 hours per week and only lasted a few days. I couldn’t handle it and quit. I hope it goes well for you when you’re ready

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