I'm thinking about taking fruits and vegetable pills

My therapist mentioned that I should eat more fruits and vegetables. I saw a commercial about fruit and vegetable pills. I am going to try the pills. I am a very particular eater. I don’t want to eat fruits a vegetables. I eat broccoli a lot, because I eat broccoli and cheddar soup a lot. If you look up fruit and vegetables pills it will pop up. The company is called Balance of Nature. The pills are all natural, just with fruit and vegetable ingredients condensed in a pill I think.


Yeah, I’ve seen those commercials. Can’t tell you how effective they are though since I do not know. Probably couldn’t hurt.

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I take Centrum Advance multivits plus a Vit b tablet.

Bit pricey from the chemist - but my diet is terrible so i have to take them.


These supplements dont substitute healthy diet.


let food be thy med

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i’m just kidding lol


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