I'm thinking about running away

I don’t know why I feel unhappy. I live in supported living, I think it is because I feel trapped, I believe the staff are slagging me off behind my back. My care coordinator don’t listen to me. I need to get away from it all. They are keeping my money from me, Its a appointeeship which means social services control my finances. I want it annulled as its proved that I have capacity but they are making it difficult, My care coordinator isn’t helping me with my right to look after my own finances. I told him how unhappy I am, I feel depressed, trapped… I want more control of my life. He hasn’t contacted me in 10 days…

I’m thinking about running away…

I have £2050 saved up of my own money and access to £1000 credit… Plus £600 a month social services are paying into my account.

I’m going to Italy on the 19th October on my own Its a coach holiday… I have too options - to stay in Italy for a month, bearing in mind I’m unfamiliar with Italy and its expensive, or I can fly from Milan to Edinburgh and rent somewhere for pretty cheap… I’m very familiar with Edinburgh and could extend my stay there. I won’t be telling anybody my plans… They wouldn’t even know I’m back in Britain, they’ll assume I’m still in Italy…

Do you think I’ll be a missing person if I answer all my emails and tell them I’m fine. They will ring the police because I’m on a depot plus CTO.

I think I need a change.

If you cant deal with your problems, running away wont help. If similiar problems were to arise again, what would you do? Keep running?

You might end up in a worse position when you eventually go back and then they definitely wont allow you to control your own finances.

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They definitely won’t allow me to manage my own finances now or live independently.

Why dont you have a choice in the matter can you not get a lawyer and fight it, havent heard of someones freedoms being taken away like yours whats the reason they could get away with this?

I’m on a community treatment order. I can appeal it but it’s no use. I never win… I’m forced to take a injection every month, I have been compliant for the last year, still the CTO. I don’t necessarily dislike the CTO. I’m ambivalent about it. I just want control of my finances. I live in a shared house, its supported living and the company are increasingly moving more disturbed people here. I just would like control of my finances so I can move out if I need too… Plus I do want to be out of support services too.

600 pond is reasonable amount per month for living but if you move to another country, whether it continues.

I would be in breach of benefit rules if I left the country for more then 28 days, but I would be okay in Edinburgh.

what’s CTO?

Can you afford to get your own place?

if you’re showing independence, I would think they would want this.

No, I wouldn’t run away, why do you want to stay for a month in Italy?

I can see taking a trip, but that’s a long time.

A CTO is a community treatment order, basically means I am forced to have treatment in the community…

I can easily afford my own place

They won’t let me be independent - I want control of my own finances to give me more security.

I will stay 9 days in Italy which is already booked, then one month in Edinburgh.

I’m thinking that if I don’t return from Italy, they’ll phone me or email me, I tell them I’m not coming back. I’m safe and leave me alone, they can’t report me to the police as a missing person, if I remain in contact with them and tell them I’m staff but don’t disclose my location they can’t do much about it. I’m concerned as people who have been reported missing sometimes make the local paper. I don’t want to to happen to me

I can relate, I sternly wanted to run away, change my name and start a new life. The illness is a burden, plus tapping in my roof and hostile community was making my condition worse and distressing me. Many a times have I called MI services to help me out. It is complex and I wouldn’t want the same predatory tapping in my new ‘safe’ house, when I’m living alone.
It can get a bit too much when your always scared and feel ppl are following you, up to no good etc.

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I feel like running away right now.
It’s utter chaos in my household.
I’m getting abused by my Aunt and my father is on edge as well.
My Mother is deteriorating rapidly.
I honestly don’t know if I’ll remain stable for long.


@bobbilly If you want to get off the CTO you need to genuinely behave in a way that shows it’s no longer required.

What you’re planning to do shows just the opposite .


I would like to travel with my friend to Vietnam and South Korea.

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I think it’s a good idea to take a vacation away for a week or two; show them you are responsible and all. But, if you just leave they will perceive that in a way that would be a negative for you. It could prolong the CTO, with them saying to themselves, and each other, “see I told you so…”

And then there’s this thing of keeping up on the emails, being deceptive, etc. It doesn’t have good optics.

And technology being what it is, they can easily find you. If not through your email device, all the CCTV in your country may have a way of identifying you.

All in all, I think running away would do more harm to you than good. I understand your frustration, and your care coordinator really should be doing a better job(maybe he needs a vacation of his own?). We call that position “case manager” here in the States, and I know they get burned out after a time; destroys their compassion and makes them apathetic to the needs of their clients. It sucks. It sucks for you, and for them.

I hope you’ll give more thought to this. Running away won’t solve anything.


I wouldn’t run away.

I am however impressed that they let you take vacations. That would never happen here in the US.

@bobbilly Don’t do it as it will make the terms more difficult to escape later on.

If your care coordinator isn’t right for you, you should be able to change the person. Can you speak to PALs?

I have been sectioned loads of times, but I can’t imagine how intrusive it must be on a CTO. You need to play their game unfortunately and let them trust you. It’s the only way to get rid of these sanctions.

Hold in there. We’re all here to chat to you if you want to speak to someone.

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