I'm thinking about getting a 2nd cat

That way my baby Jimmy will have someone to keep him company if I leave for a night.

Jimmy is just such a sweet-heart. He’s soooo attached to me. :heart_eyes:

Do any of you have experiences with owning 2 cats? Is it fun? A lot of work?

My local animal shelter is having a fundraiser, so the kittens are all half off.


Its been my experience that 2 pets are as easy, if not easier than one.

They become attached and keep each other company, with very little additional maintenance.

Three plus is really when it starts getting to be more effort.

Two cats is totally normal. They’ll be happy to have a buddy.


Yeah 3 would be kinda pushing it lol.

But thank you for the reply :slight_smile:


I have 5 cats, and it’s a blast! It’s a ton of work to keep everything clean and make sure you don’t get overwhelmed by hair, but SO worth it. I would suggest getting an older cat though instead of a kitten, and black cats especially, because they don’t tend to get adopted.

It’s your choice, but I would say go for it!


5 cats, wow that’s awesome :slight_smile:

Yeah getting an older cat probably would be a more smart idea.

Thank you for the ideas.


I would like a 2nd cat too :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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Awwww. You should get one! :blush:

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