I'm thinking about building a quadrotor

Been watching a few videos they are pretty sweet. Highly customizable. First person view is an awesome enhancement to the experience.

From a hobby like this I could learn a lot about physics, electronics, and programming.

Maybe an end of the project would be to have multiple quadrotors that fly in formation and I can put on a show for people. I could always come up with new routines and really get familiar with the programming of it. Most quadrotors aren’t programmable like that, but it would be pretty sweet. It’d keep me preoccupied for years.

So interest in things is coming back, computers, video games, and now quad rotors!

I’ve got a lot of homework to do before making the investment.


LOL for a split second I saw “I’m thinking about building a bunker…”

Written words do that sometime…I saw a road sign once that said “Community action” and had a lot of red in it…I saw “Communist Action…” and had to look twice. I have had a few other funny ones like that.

Yeah that happens to me as well. Less now then it used to. Kind of started 6 months ago. Just a little glitch in the matrix thats all.

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