I'm taking two weeks off

I had an acute episode yesterday and I just need to chill the ■■■■ out. It’s my two weeks with nothing (literally, I’ve done everything I should) to do between summer school and fall term. I was thinking of exercising excessively, like an intense workout every day, but that’s a little insane. I need to just go workout as usual and try and relax.


Sorry you had a bad one yesterday buddy. You deserve a break for a couple of weeks - your studies look hard core. Hope you get a good rest.

Congratulations on getting everything done so you have the time to recharge.

Good luck and hope you feel better soon.

What do you think caused your acute episode? Did you drink, do drugs, went trough stress or did it just happen?

I drank a lot Friday night

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Well, don’t drink a lot anymore is my advice. Your mind is used a lot in weightlifting. I know this from unloading heavy merchandise from trucks for four years. Maybe your super-intense workouts are taxing your mind.

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