I'm taking my son out of the workshop and will find us work together somewhere

I don’t go to bed until sometimes 5 a.m.
wired, pacing,

then I crash hard and my son misses the van at 8 a.m.
We need a new schedule, days is not working out.

But I’m seeing my doctor tomorrow.
He makes $15 a week working here.

If I can a find a place where we can team up and work together,
cleaning or bussing tables,

possibly at night.
My family is going to hate me for this,
and possibly my son.

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I didn’t want to pay $750 to a lawyer

to get legal guardianship for my son,
so that’s probably what they’re going to tell me,

he is his own guardian.

Have good hope and consult with your doctor or a counselor to see how to map a routine with as little conflict as necessary.

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Could your son handle bagging groceries for the local Supermarket, perhaps part-time?

Just an idea.

There’s a local lad with DS in our area who does just that. He’s become a bit of a celebrity in town because of it. Everyone knows him.

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i don’t think so Patrick, he needs more supervision or a job coach, that’s what I would be if we could team up, make actual money.

It asks a lot of the employer, but it might be possible.

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I think if you approach the Manager of the local Supermarket and explain the idea, he/she might be open to it. To have your son just bagging groceries for the clerks and helping little old ladies carry heavier stuff to their cars.

The patrons might think more favorably of the store for giving your son this opportunity. Could be a ‘win win’ for everyone involved!

Patrick, you might think that’s a no brainer job,
but Alec would put cans on top of bread,
smash the eggs, and throw around the pop.

Okay. I just wasn’t sure what his capabilities were. Thought it might be a good fit for him.

Thanks for clearing that up for me.

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he does chores.

that’s what he does.

he does recycling and shredding,
and breaking down boxes.

I appreciate your response, honey. As always, my family is gonna win this battle.

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You’re a Saint…to be admired.

You’ve been dealt a tough hand, but you’re determined to seek out the best possible outcome for your family.

I believe in Karma…that good things will eventually come to fruition for good people.

Why would your family hate this?
Just because it might be a bit unconventional, if it’s what works best for you - and by proxy your son,
shouldn’t that make them happy for you, and your son?

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Patrick, are you feeling ok?

well, thanks. I’m no saint.

I dunno…

I’m feeling like Captain Stubing from The Love Boat tonight or somethin.

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I think my new Avatar is turning me into a softer, gentler, sensitive naked man. That must be it!

Fozzy would never say anything ‘against the grain’.

I think they said this right before our country went to war,

not sure though.

Nah, you’re super cool, Patrick, much love.

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