I'm taking mood stabilisers what if I don't have bipolar

I then shouldn’t really even be on them. That’s why I tend to focus on the DX so much. What if it’s wrong ?

honestly my diagnosis included bipolar element (SZA ) and atleast now…im not bipolar at all. my mood is usually pretty stable so. I dont buy that any illness is a forever thing. Especially mental “illness”. So much of it has to do with environmental factors. idk why the “organic illness” paradigm is the only one acceptable on this forum.

especially if the diagnosis is from when you were a teenager, when naturally were more energetic and possibly unstable or atleast fragile in mind. now that im older i dont consider myself bipolar.

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I think if you went to various psychiatrists you would get various diagnosis’s.

Try not to focus on it too much. Is the medication helping ? Only you know that. If so stay on it.

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Maybe experiment without the mood stabiliser and see how it goes. But of course taper.

Check with pdoc thou.

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@anon80629714 you get very manic from time to time. Stay on your mood stabilizer. Maybe it’s bipolar, maybe it’s something else. But without your med you get into phases of making very self-destructive decisions.

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