I'm suspicious

our air conditioner is on its last leg so is the one in the play house so my in laws bought us and my partner’s little sister new ones. they said we can pay them back about 40 a month or 22 dollars out of each check. then my mother in law mentioned me getting a new phone which i was a little surprised she said she will talk it over with her husband and see what he says. my partner will pay the 7 dollars a month for it. i think its a scam but for jasper and the other animals sake we took the ac deal.

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I love this post. Its very practical. Good thing we are never too hot in here. I live near finland.

i live in the US in indiana. currently its 92 degrees here. my frog is in the basement because of our ac unit not working

Normally the landlord (in this case, your in-laws) is responsible for paying for upkeep of the property including things like the air conditioning. It seems odd that, in addition to totally overcharging you and your partner for rent, your in-laws are also charging you for new air conditioning units. :confused:


You’re right across lake Michigan from me…well, then you add on a few hours and you’re in my neck of the woods. Dude, it was like 90 degrees yesterday. I was sweating my nuts off

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They are only charging us for one and it’s for a 300 dollar AC unit. I just feel weird about it. My in-laws installed it. They said the apartment looks good. I just think they are up to something. My partner agreed it is odd that they are being nice to me.

@specimen_108.4.7-b I hope it’s cooler Wednesday

Do you think they’re planning to replace you?

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I don’t know, my partner is sure the talk with my old case manager last week even if it was only for 5 minutes helped but I say BS

You as a tenant should not have to pay for RENT and upkeep of the rental property. Your responsible for rent and the landlord is responsible for upkeep.
So they are not doing you any favors. BUT at least your not sweating your arse off!!!


I’m having speech issues.

It’s having a you’ll be alright

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i would think the case manager made some impression. air conditioning is so important in these months

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