I'm supposed to be the one who's obsessed

IDK, it seems like my neighbors are always thinking of me. They’re obsessed with destroying me. They pretend they aren’t until I do something out of the ordinary. Like bizarre stuff like trying to relax or thinking of good stuff in my life. They have their whole apartment to themselves but they have to invade my space. Fighting does no good. Neither does ignoring them.

My downstairs roommate always thinks everyone is against him or out to disrupt his life. We think he has paranoia cuz none of us are out to get him.

What kind of stuff do the neighbours do?

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Never mind. Maybe I’m mistaken.

maybe for yourself just list out all the things you think they are doing to you.
Then think about if they actually know what their doing is disrupting or annoying you. They may not even be aware of it.

But if they are you might need to talk to landlord or something

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OK, thanks…

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I like @LevelJ1 idea. Maybe once you’ve made the list you can look at the things that are really bothering you. Maybe you can write them a letter asking them to not do those things. Keep a polite tone, and dont be accusatory. If you dont like conflict, like me, you can add in the letter that of they have any questions or comments to please write a letter back. If you do decide to wrote a letter I can proofread it.


Thank you. It’s under consideration.

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No problem. Just PM me if you need anything looked over. Or if you need anything in general.

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