Im suddenly in hell

Im paranoid and sometimes hearing things over thr past few days.
I didnt want to leave the house but i had to for work.
I had to get redressed or harm would come to my family. I havent had this symptom in a couple years.
I broke down crying thinking about all the customets misgendering me.
I coulsnt take my meds last night because im afraid someone ie going to poison me.
I havent eatten much either for this same reason. Or drank much water.

I work in 15 mins. Its going to be busy and idk how im going to handle it

You got this. If you are struggling, please feel free to take a day off. If you feel suicidal, please go to the hospital or call your pdoc.

You will be ok. How are you now?


I made it to work and i feel a little more stable but still paranoid, looking over my shoulder a lot

I know how that feels. I was really paranoid a couple days ago. It’s the worst feeling.

Just remember to take your pills. Nobody is trying to poison you, and you know it deep inside.

sorry to hear you having rough time… i hope things will work out for you though.

You can try injection instead of pills then.

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