I'm such a burden i know

I’m just such a burden.

I eat all of the ramen noodle supply.

I use almost nothing in the world.

I’m strange to be around.

I don’t know how to handle this at all, if only i could be normal and not so much of a burden, like all of those drunk drivers i see, and people who get to many divorces, or sell bad things on the markets of the world. Just wish i could be like all of them and not such a burden anymore.

Perhaps i could strike it rich, then i wouldn’t be such a burden anymore because the rich aren’t a burden at all on anyone because it’s okay what they do.

Ohhhhhhhhh the guilt!


you are not the burden its just that you have a heavy burden on you that its weighing you down like a ball and chain,

you are not the burden, your problems are.


Some say i is a burden though, some say kind of a burden, some say none at all.

I feel like a burden to my mom. She takes care of me, but it prevents her from doing other things that she likes.

I like you, Pans. You suffer a lot, but you are pretty cool. You have a lot of strange and interesting thoughts. One day, we will warm your heart!

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I’m not cool at all, but i hope to head in that direction.

You’re cool in the less common definition used exclusively on this forum.

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In the moment its the hardest thing to hear but things could be worse. You are loved I promise you.

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We’re putting up with the rich.

@pansdisease where are you? I hope you’re okay.

Yes they are. These CEO’s make millions of dollars driving companies into bankruptcy. In the economic crisis of 2008 they knew their policies would destroy the economy, and they kept right on doing what they were doing. These CEO’s say their exhorbitant salaries are just what you have to pay to draw talent. What’s so talented about driving the economy into ruin? You know what I would call talent? I would call talent a bank forseeing the ruin these banks policies would cause, and working on improving their cash position so that when all these other banks are demanding government money to cover their ruinous policies, that bank could buy up all these toxic assetts at depressed prices, and then sell them at a nice profit. Everybody wins.

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It’s yhwh by the weigh.

Sumting like yahuawehow.

Or yahowahwehua.

Sumting like day.

I wrote this poem when I felt like a burden. I still do sometimes but not to this extent.

I know
I’m nothing but a burden
A scourge on society
Your words
Sound so pretty
So neatly tied up.
But I know words
I understand
The meaning beneath.
You try to make me feel
A false hope
So that when I fall
It only hurts
That much more.
This thing
I’m going through
I know
You hope it ends
With my end.
Then you can all
Breathe a sigh
Because I’ll be
6 feet under
And you’ll finally
Be at peace.


Being in a bad position healthwise doesn’t mean you are a burden.
If you have schizophrenia and are thus unable to care for yourself,
it means you have to rely on disability benefits,
and the support of the government or other people or both,
but that doesn’t make you a burden.

The most important thing is to maintain your will to live,
and ideas like being a burden don’t help. To the contrary I believe they are harmful
in the difficult task of preserving the will to live.


@pansdisease the sarcasm, lol. Thanks for reminding us we all have our pros and cons. Perspective.

I think @pansdisease was a lot healthier back when this post started. I was in shock by its clarity

I’m worried I’m a burden too. Don’t want to be though. Hope I will get well soon, then I don’t be a burden anymore. All I want is a solution to my problem.

I am a sar of great chasms.

My sar and chasms are eternal and infinite.

Whom do I be and what was I was?

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