I'm struggling tonight, I am hearing voices a lot

I’m feeling a little bit better now…because I hearing less voices. In the same situation, the voices were making me self-conscious earlier. I ate oatmeal, fudge, muscle milk, and Dr. pepper, so now I feel better now.


I’m glad that you’re feeling better :smiley:


They talk my effing head off all day.

My brother just started hearing voices a few months ago. We’re practically begging him to go see a doctor and get something diagnosed/prescribed but he refuses. I worry a lot that he could end up on the street.

I still hear voices but I try to ignore them. I hope they aren’t too mean to you, that can be exhausting.

Street walking use to be my every day…that was the gang stalking, delusion, non-audible voices, and occasional visual hallucination part of this “program”.

Now I am in housing every day, but it’s not as happy as living outside.


I’m sorry you’re having a hard time. I hope things get better for you soon.

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Lol voices get so annoying sometimes it’s not even funny. Especially when they’re consistent throughout the day omg. Can’t stand it lol sometimes I’m so happy just to get home and watch a YouTube video of put some music on to block them out

good to hear you feeling a little bit better =)

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