I'm still frightened over my shroom trip

Never again…

We warned you, right?

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Man, it seems that you like playing with fire :fire:

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I’ve heard of people flipping out on shrooms. One guy got real religious after he had a bad trip. Maybe I should have sounded off about it on this site.

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Yeah there’s a lesson in that for you.

Glad you’re still with us.

i ’ trip ’ for free… :imp:
who needs extra drugs of any kind !?!
take care :alien:
p.s glad you are okay :smiley:


At least you aren’t ■■■■■■■ dead.

You might be getting something in the mail about a Darwin Award.

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I took shrooms while on medication and it was a bad response…not a bad trip but the after affects were hell…i wasn’t scared, it’s just i pretty much induced a bad psychotic break WHILE i was on the medication…so it was weird, confusing. i didn’t need a hospital visit but needed rehab.

i’ve only ever needed to be in the hospital while i was off my meds

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Gives you something to post about -

Your a brave brave soul.

Last time I took shrooms was 2008-09.

Hi Kellie,

I’m curious what happened during your shroom trip that scared you so much?