I'm startting to look old

tours over, now i can truly enjoy being alone

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How old are u …

thirty one ,.12,1.212

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You are a kid.
Wait till you’re my age :smile:

U dont look old…trust me…

31 is old ??!! Oh my god I’m ancient!! :joy:

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big difference between being 31, and looking 31


being 31, and looking older than 31

Oh sweetie. I’m 49 and regularly get asked if I want the seniors discount. It’ll be okay

You’re probably just tired. 31 is still quite young. Believe me, I know the difference.

  1. Feels like I’ve done some serious tours and most likely have.

They say your only as old as you feel and I agree. Schizophrenia makes you an old soul way too quickly.

Saying that! Your only 31! I didn’t get laid till I was 32! I didn’t get married and all that other good stuff till after that!

You are still so young!

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I once met a real life Centurion .

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