Im starting to realize what is physcosis

This happens when im feeling well and positive then 5 minutes later i feel depressed and energy drained.
Why does this happen? Is it meds? I take risperdal 4mg before bed.

Sounds like sedation from your meds and also negative symptoms.

No idea but could be either symptoms or meds. Chat to your doctor. They may suggest a different dose or med. I have changed meds quite a bit over the years…Sometimes it works well. Other times it’s been an abject failure. Just no way of knowing but a good doc gets an idea about things.

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It happens like this
I feel great,no bad symptoms, like a normal being would feel then 5 minutes later i feel grumpy, emotional drained, cant stop thinking then 10 minutes later i feel fine,normal quite relief.

Its been happening starting this year

Sounds a cycle worth investigating. I get moody too but it lasts a lot longer between I would say. Bring it up with your doctor for sure.