I'm starting to hear real voices

I’m starting to hear real voices recently. Last night in as unable to sleep much so I had sleep deprivation. And when I woke up after 3 hours of sleep I thought I will be fine so I showered and had my coffee. I decided to lay down and then I heard a sentence coming from my PC tower police saying: we are the the door waiting. It sounded like it came from radio walkie talkie. It freaked me out, but I realized that was unreal, but made me quite paranoid. For 3 years since my illness I did not hear any voices and why it’s happening now I have no idea. I’ve been thinking about upping my Invega dosage and see where it leads me

Yeah. It sounds like you need a dosage change or new med. can you call your pdoc?

When I was unmedicated or smoked weed I thought ISIS hacked my PC and car radio. They were giving me orders of what to do and threatened me if I didn’t do them. I always thought black cars parked infront of my house were the mafia and ISIS waiting to pick me up to do dirty illegal work for them.

Sometimes I went outside and cars were empty. Good thing that I didn’t break into someone’s car while he was in it. I would be in jail for harrassment.

I even thought they gave me orders to go back to my country Syria and fight with ISIS against the president Bashar Al Assad. I stopped watching arabic news because of this.

The deal is is really stressful and I feel the same as I would have taken LSD - really exhausted, lethargic and not talkative at all. Don’t know why I started hallucinate and hear voices, but was able to reason out that why would they put sound transmitter together with sound collector. My pdoc is on holiday now, and only be back after 2 weeks so I’m stuck like that

Sleep deprivation will cause someone to hear voices who normally doesn’t

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