I'm starting to consider kids

He seems responsible and mature enough for kids and won’t just leave me to bring up a child on my own … And I guess with this support its feasible. Only one child though.


Good luck I’m sure you’ll be a great mum have them while your young


Would you consider marrying him before having a kid? Or is that off the table? Good luck either way. I think the security of marriage is best for raising a kid, although it does seem to test a relationship.

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I’m sure there are a great many good mothers on this site who can confirm that it is very feasible. Would you rather a boy or a girl or don’t care either way?

I would recommend marriage before kids. It’s best for the kids. If no marriage, then no go. If he really loved you, then he’d marry you. Plain facts.

He won’t have a child outside marriage. That’s his opinion. I guess if he feels that way I respect he’s entitled to his views.

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It doesnt matter :blush:

That’s good. Have you spoken to him about it at length?

I’d marry him… But I’m not too focused on it too much. I feel commitment is not all about marriage.

He sounds like a good man. Marriage is best for both the couple and the children. Especially the children.

Not yet when he gets back from his vacation. :blush:

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That’s great @anon80629714, I hope he’s the right guy!

Time ran out for me, as far as having kids goes. You’re a lucky person.

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