I'm spoiled

It’s been relatively peaceful in my apartment since the cowardly, bully upstairs moved out a few months ago. I was just sitting in my living room debating whether to take a shower or not and had a moment of indecision. And right on schedule some as*hole outside chose that moment to loudly cough. And I got mad. Then I remembered how good I have it. Yeah, the cough was irritating and annoying but that guy upstairs use to play on every weakness and also threaten me. I’m spoiled, I want to be left in perfect peace. Well, it’s a small apartment on a crowded street and the neighborhood isn’t that nice so that isn’t going to happen, but I got it good now.


The people I live with now can really irritate me but, like you, I just need to remind myself that I’ve never really had it any better. Now if I were only 25 instead of 78…


I hated living in apartment with neighbors above and below me and on the side of me.

Could hear them having sex, playing music and walking in high heels etc

Thankfully the apartment I’m in doesn’t have neighbors that close to me.

I was homeless a while in Sweden and stayed at group home in Sweden for a year.
That wasn’t good either.
People bossing me about…
Yeah I’m not ok with that.

I’m so blessed!

My disobedience and not accepting being disrespected too much etc could have had me living in a park or on street.

I’m very blessed I get to rent this apartment from my loved one.

It’s good to count your blessings every day.

There is always something to be thankful for.


Being 25 as I am with sz is nothing but torture knowing it’ll have to be this way for decades more. You’re better off.

Well, I meant I’d like to be 25 and without sz. There is always hope for you youngsters.


yeah, i’ve never had it so good either… on any happy day i always thought that though… things just keep getting better
i’m in a house overlooking a forrest with my husband


Earplugs might come in handy when you want some peace.


Mate. We live the best we can with the problems we are given. I hear that california is notorious for expensive living and that is across the board let alone having a mental illness.

Hang in there…it certainly can be worse but have some strategies to take you out of those nasty situations…yeah get some headphones etc…be proactive in dealing with the aholes!


bro i’m honestly beyond spoiled. i don’t want to say how much my parent makes but they just got promoted and it was already a significant amount of money. i mean it sucks that i have sz, but i don’t want for anything in terms of material possessions. I don’t have a car right now and i live at home, but i should be set for life even when my parent passes away, which is going to really suck. Still I want to move out and live on my own. No woman wants to date a man who lives at home and I am getting to the age where it is time to start a family, so I have to step up and take on the responsibilities of adulthood. Yeah though, I am very spoiled, I gotta say. All I know is that owning things won’t make you happy. It’s the connections between people that love eachother that bring joy.

but you should get noise cancelling headphones for real. those would help. it’s good that your a hole neighbor is gone but you still should just get some in case it gets loud again. That is one good thing about where I’m going to be living pretty soon, there will be nobody around at all and I will be able to be at peace.

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