I'm sorry if my pics bother you

Anyway here are the girls at Montanas waiting for food. Montanas puts giant papers on their tables and a cup of crayons for people to draw while waiting for food. Fun distraction.


I’m so offended …


I know it…I even offend myself :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


oh my I love love love your pictures all the time !! especially of your delicious food you always eat…!!

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Great pics!!!

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How lovely! It’s fun to be a kid at heart.

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Beautiful girls,

You have a great family.

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Which one is the kitty and pupper magnet? Very nice pics. Thanks for sharing.


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I’d say the blonder one is the magnet. The other one isn’t here much. Bella was originally her cat but she couldn’t bring her to where she I’d staying. These girls are hilarious together.

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