I'm sorry i dont respond much

i’m sorry i dont respond very much, i try but its not enough, i thought i’d try and be helpful but now i cant be it seems,

i’ cant relate to anything anyone says anymore, i seem to be detached now for some reason

my postings are limited, i’m not very interesting now anymore


Have you ever tried CBT? Some time ago, I wouldn’t respond anyone on the internet, but CBT helped me realize that I was judging myself too much, then I started to respond people on internet (Facebook, WhatsApp, this forum) and in real life.

yeah, sometimes that happens to me too. I just take a break and play video games, watch “let’s plays,” or something. when I log back on later, there are a lot more posts to try to connect with.


I must be doing really, really good because I am really connecting on the internet, at least, if not in person.

Hey @Resilient1 dont be worry, dont try to realize what others say, probably no one knows exactly what others mean, just your own comprehension is enough, just stay here.

I relate to you and you relate to me buddy. I appreciate your company on these boards a lot.

Ps sorry this was an old thread.

I appreciate the contents…but this is meta abuse lol…good work…

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@Resilient1 I hope you are feeling a bit better about responding now.