Im soooo bored

Doesn’t feel that way to the artist.


Ive heard that before…i mean if you create something u can claim it as ur own creative art, but doesnt mean someone else cant create something similar…its foolish to try and patent ideas. people copy, its human behavior how we survived. it makes sense that so many people share more in common than not without realizing it…I was talking to someone today about jobs, I think if i had a job I could work for the government in like a tech position. im scared that my label and social media would strike against me…like a potential employer sees something odd i posted online although i dont really post weird stuff just poems but im honest about my label. thats the worst. I published a memoir about growing up and being hospitalized without going through the right channels and i cant seem to get it off amazon and ive never been paid royalties. its just a bunch of crappy writing sitting online that isnt paying me that lulu sold off to amazon.


Except that they don’t. In many cases they can’t anyhow because they lack the equipment and the knowledge/skill.


Guarantee you that there is no one else in my town with the abilty to knock that shot off in those lighting conditions in that kind of wind with a flying camera. The final image is a composite of 33 images total.


You should be proud of your talent. I love that you’re sharing this. the photo is something I would love to try and paint with oils…or it would be beautiful as an oil painting…i could just use this image as a reference its so inspirational…especially because I love the sky and horizon…hmmm I think I might want to invest in some oil paints instead of get a new laptop…but the great thing about art is it doesnt always have to be expensive its more about vision and the will to see it come to fruition.

so maybe Im being too grandiose and i need to slow down…im wondering if my boredom is a phase where i feel like im restless to do things but cant seem to accomplish them…


@G_B… My daughter is a university student and she found that the cost of materials was inhibiting her ability to do as much art as she wanted. Her compromise was to buy a very good Samsung tablet and some art applications for it. She draws/paints on it with a tablet stylus. She is doing astounding watercolour and oil pantings on it that look fantastic when output to canvas or premium art paper. There is no cost to create beyond the initial hardware and software investment. You only pay when you finalize the image to printed medium.


true its digital material not physical but u can probably do amazing stuff that way too…I just like to sit in a room and paint either what i see or the negative space of what i cant.


that’s an awesome picture =O

Speed running puzzles are fun better yet timing yourself

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