I'm so tired


Time and continuing trying is the answer. I dont know your diagnoses or symptoms, but the brain needs time to adjust and heal, the same as any other body part.

I spent about 3 to 4 years with nonstop music and voices. I had no treatment. I slowly recovered. These things take time.

Do what you can to help it heal. Take the vitamin E supple ment. Start an exercise program to help with sleep. Make sure you leave the house at least once a week. Discourage hallucinations and use reality checking techniques.

Make certain your getting as much sleep as you can, but not too much. A sleep time of 8 hours is a good rule of thumb. The right amount of sleep also helps the brain heal.

For medicines, dont know about you, but I try not to switch too much. I know that many people may get an additional good effect only after several months.The brain is slow to change its adjustment to chemistry.

While doing all this, if you stay at home and not work, it is best to have a hobby. It is important. The brainmust engage in some type of learning on a regular basis. That is part of its maintenance. People who do not engage in learning tend to have duller and slower thinking.

Keep steady on these things for a period of a few years and i think recovery is a good bet.


What I say!!! Basically I am atheist but I found my cure in my religion. My all hallucinations are very near to the symbol of my religion therefore I just react to it as the quotes and symbolic photos available in my religion. And I became fit for life.


I’m only liking this out of empathy for you.


What ever floats your boat


You will be okay. Just keep flowing through it as best you can. I know it’s never easy. There are good days and bad days. As with everything, I suppose.


Try NyQuil Zzzz’s - it always worked for me - take the prescribed dose