I'm so stupid!

I had an appointment with my pdoc today. She asked me if I hear voices right now. I listened and one of the male voices said “NO!” So I said No I don’t. I’m so stupid. I should have told her he said no! Why do I do this?! She also told me no changes in meds for now. No Lithium. Happy for that. But she can’t lower my meds because I still have psychotic symptoms but I manage them. I use logic to know they are voices. I’m not letting them control me. Atleast not all the time.

She also said that the voices might never go away. :confused:

Never say never.


I’ve spent the last month doing things I was told I would never be able to do. I’ve spent the last two decades living a life I was told was out of my reach. Like @everhopeful said, “never say never.”

Keep doing what you’re doing. You’ll get more and more control over the voices with experience and be able to push them into the background with practice. :smile:



Pdoc said distractions are good. Such as music in my ears gives me relief from voices. Bought myself bluetooth ear phones on Monday this week. My old ones broke.

wisper not in the ear, what the voices want to hear for if you do they will laugh

He laughed at me when I left pdoc’s office.

I have no memory failiure according to my pdoc. I have a problem with too much happening in my head at the same time. Voices and the real world. That makes me unfocused and confused. Don’t even remember what day it is and I can’t watch TV. Too much noice in my head. Sometimes I can hardly write. Not now, now my writing is good.

She said I was coping very well thinking of what symptoms I have.

God damn I feel stupid. My iq is like 107. I feel like I lost 20 iq points. I feel like I need Alzheimer drugs and adderall to compete again.

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I could use the Alzheimer drug too. :wink:

my best iq was 122, my worse was 80 :smiley: