I'm so stressed I could cry but

…the only emotion I can feel is irritability. My husband’s business stress has affected me too and we have had constant arguments because I snap heavily at him. I’m too irritable for words. I’m feeling better mentally but now all this stress is pushing me down again. Sigh…waaaaa


so sorry you are upset…try to relax…maybe put on some softer music and have your favorite beverage?


Stress needs to be kept in check.

I have melted down for a few months at a time periodically over the last few years where I have been incapable of letting new things stress me without everything going to ■■■■.

Hopefully you can talk to your husband about this and find a couple coping mechanism so you don’t drive conflict between each other about things that in the scheme, do not matter if you’re in a partnership


I think you’d benefit from doing Dialectical behavioral therapy, aka DBT. It helps control emotions and responses to those emotions. You should look into it

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Think of it this way… what if you had no significant other and lived day after day alone with nothing but your thoughts to keep you company? I consider anyone with a partner lucky.


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