I'm so short winded

If three pit bulls were chasing me I could only run about fifty feet before I would have to stop and gasp for breath. I might need to be able to run pretty soon, because somebody left a dead puppy with its head cut off right by our apartment building. Someone is sending some kind of very strong signal.

that is so sad…I am so sorry this happened…please don’t be afraid…it’s terrorism if that’s what happened…did you see the headless puppy or did you imagine it…you have been very paranoid lately…it should be in the news.

I wouldn’t give it much thought. It probably has nothing to do with you personally.

I hope you’re right.

Sure. If they had left it outside your apartment door, then you could get worried. But outside the main building. It could mean anything.

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It might have something to do with this great big cracker that lives down the street. We got in a fight a long time ago, and I got the better of him, probably because he was quite a bit more drunk than me. He’s done hard time, so he can’t set foot on our property. He’s got two brothers. One of them is a pretty nice guy. His prescription for dealing with his brother is to stay away from him. The guy really is ten different kinds of bad news.

I would call the newspaper if someone found a beheaded puppy…this should at least be reported to the police crimby man…

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