I'm so relieved!

I’m a bridesmaid in my cousin’s wedding in September. She’s like a sister to me and I was honored that she asked me to be in her wedding. One slight problem though I didn’t fit in the dress. I went one size up, which was the biggest they made, and it wouldn’t zipper. I was going to get it altered, which would have been a nightmare because we would have needed to find the same fabric and color. But great news, my mom convinced me to try it on yesterday, and it fit! Woohoo! It’s a good dress to hide my fat because after the bust it’s loose and flows. My mom took my picture to send to my cousin and I thought I looked pretty in it. I am soooo relieved. I was feeling hopeless about the alterations and thought I wouldn’t be able to be in the wedding. I’ve slowly been losing weight and when I went to my doctor’s on Friday I lost 5 more pounds. The dress is tight so I need to lose some more and I can not absolutely can not gain any weight. I am so happy right now! These meds make it so hard to lose weight. :sunny:


That’s great. You’ll make a lovely bridesmaid. Have fun at the wedding!

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Good for you for losing the weight! I know it is so hard on these medications. I have recently gained some weight due to the switch from Geodon to Risperdal. I have gained like twenty pounds. It sucks.

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Wow, you too get to go to a cousin’s wedding… congratulations on the dress, the weight loss, the getting involved with large family events. It’s a lot of things going on all at once. You are doing great.

You are doing so well. Your posting more, offering more advice, It’s so nice to see how much your doing compared to when you used to post those first few one liners.

I am supper happy for your success… :thumbsup: :smile:

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Thanks Joanne! The wedding will be a lot of fun. It’s at a shore point a half an hour north. It’s going to be a beach wedding. Our family is renting a huge house for the weekend. When my family gets together all we do is drink and laugh. My family is crazy! And for the wedding no one will have to drive so we can just let loose. :sunny:

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@CarolineC Thanks so much! If you don’t mind me asking, why did you switch from the Geodon? I actually switched to Geodon from Risperdal and Seroquel. We’re still weaning down the Seroquel, but I had to come off the Risperdal. My prolactin level was through the roof and I haven’t had my period since March of last year.

@SurprisedJ thanks so much for noticing! I am doing awesome! A few bumps in the road with the med changes, but I’m really happy. Thanks for the congrats with everything going on! I have definitely evolved on this forum. I just hope my experience can help someone so they don’t have to struggle like I did. I know your experience has helped me. You’ve come so far. You’re doing great too! :sunny:

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I’m happy for you SunGirl…I really need to start walking more…motivation? zero…

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Thanks jukebox! It’s so hard to find the motivation. My old therapist told me “just do it!” My mom and I keep talking about joining a gym. It would help if we did it together. I would really need to because I don’t have a car right now and depend on my mom’s car. Is there someone who you can walk with? :sunny:

no, I have to walk alone if I walk…I have a girlfriend that works all day most days and that leaves me here to try and find something to do all the time which wears me out…I have a yoga tape I really want to get out and start doing…this is the last month I am smoking cigarettes because I’m going to run out a week before I get paid and just decided that it was meant to happen…every month it’s the same old stress of trying to afford my habit so I am just “going to let it go”…there won’t be any use trying to buy more cigs because I’ll be completely broke…

I’m sorry you would have to walk alone. You should do the yoga tape! Yoga is good for you in so many ways, and it’s not too hard. You just set the intention and do what you can. There was a video on Facebook of a man who was disabled. It showed when he started doing yoga he would fall and have a hard time. But as time went on he became better, lost weight, and got stronger. He was able to do some incredible things.

I know the stress of getting the money together to buy cigarettes. You’ll be doing yourself a favor if you quit, even if you’re being forced to quit. There are so many diseases that come from smoking. I’m terrified I’m going to develop an illness that effects your breathing. I keep promising God if he keeps me healthy I will quit when I get stable on meds. Have you ever rolled your own? If you’re not ready to quit you could try that. It’s so much cheaper. A carton is less then twenty dollars. Good luck in your new endeavors. :sunny:

thank you SunGirl, I already changed my mind and I am just going to smoke a pack a day and that’s $4 dollars a day instead of the $12 I was smoking…I am still going to try to start walking first to get me used to the endorphins from exercising first and probably work may way easy into the yoga tape after that…baby steps…haha…

thank you for being so kind SunGirl…

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@SunGirl I switched from the Geodon, because it was not working for me. I had terrible thoughts of killing people. I am still having some of those thoughts/voices on the Risperdal, but I haven’t gone to the highest dose yet. I was on the highest dose of Geodon. And my thoughts/voices are many fewer since switching to Risperdal. It does have side effects for me–weight gain and lactation, but I figured it was worth it if it would work for me.

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Do you know what caused the weight loss? Did you change meds or been working out?