Im so pissed

my dryer just broke down

we rent it so it will take a few days to get a new one

no washing clothes that we need cause no way to dry them

cant hang them outside cause it raining and we dont have a line to hang them on

im so aggravated my mom is blaming me saying i slammed the door to hard

at least its leased so it will be free to get a new one but dont know how long it takes for exchanges


You can hang them on hangars and space them out on your shower rod. It’s what I do, I rarely use a dryer. Might take longer than outside, but it works.

Just leave the bathroom door open so there’s airflow.


ya thats a good idea we were going to hang them on door hangers

just sux cause i need these clothes cause i have lost weight and they are the only ones that fit

i literally take them off at night and put them in the wash and dry within 2 days

i dont have money till i get paid again to buy new clothes hopefully i will have some left over after paying bills

ahhhh just another thing to deal with

only good thing is free repair or exchange

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They’ll dry within twelve hours, really depends on how much space you put between them and how much airflow they have. Thicker fabrics might take longer, but you should be fine.


ty for the advice will do


If you have kitty litter, you can put a jar of it in the bathroom and point a fan towards it to absorb moisture more quickly.

@ninjastar i never heard of that

i will have to try

sorry nope lol

my mom was like no way are we going to waste litter do you know how much it costs these days

we will just hang them and let them dry over night and tomorrow i will just have to hold my pants up lol

maybe they will dry before morning like @fractaled said


It stinks when things break. Hopefully they get it exchanged quickly. But id prepare yourself for a wait.

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yup i think they said it could be upto a week

crazy they never told us that when we signed up for the repair or replacement plan

You could also invest in a big box fan to speed the drying.

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@ThePoet yeah i got a big fan we are using thanks for the advice though

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I used to hang things on hangers on the shower curtain rod, if I hand wash things.

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@devra ya that is what we ended up doing ty

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today the f in repair guy was suppose to show up between 12 and 5
they said they would most likely be here early
so we waited and waited and waited no f in guy
so 4:45 i called and said do you have the wrong address or something we have been waiting all day
so the lady says oh we cancelled all our jobs today cause the van for repairs didn’t show up
so i got pissed and it is hard to get me pissed but we have been home all freaking day
i said you couldn’t give us a courtesy call and she replayed well we were hoping it would show up
now we have to wait till Tuesday
my mom flipped her lid and started screaming f this f that talk about customer service
im sorry between last night and today i wont be posting much cause im to angry
hope everyone is doing ok and ttys

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Nope! Call her back and tell her it is unreasonable that you be expected to go that long without and that you want a loan until the repairman can get there. And you would like it tonight, or the very latest in the morning.

Let her know you have a disability and it’s impossible to get to the laudromat

they refused

they are open for another two hours they need to come now she said the truck just showed up

then my mom has a medical doc in the morning and then we are going out of state to get my tattoo

then friday we have 2 appointments we cant cancel

then monday i have my symptoms management group and then the pantry

so tuesday it has to be

they refused for tomorrow morning and monday morning cause they were booked already

they are not open on weekends

im sorry im just really pissed

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Can you by this?


@anon55239608 nah not worth it

with the heat wave hanging them outside the dry in the matter of hours

its just the fact they never called and then wouldn’t work with me to get here sooner

she had a bad attitude too wasn’t very good customer service

but ty for the idea

sorry it took so long to respond i was in the shower trying to cool off

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