I'm so overwhelmed and unhappy

In my marriage and religion. The two are tied together. Hubby is such a perfectionist and expects me to have the same opinions as me on religion. He wants me to believe same as him and it overwhelms me.

Eg he wants me to cover my feet with socks even in summer whereas I want to wear open sandals .

I’m so overwhelmed with his expectations it’s depressing me and I have had thoughts creeping in of killing him which I won’t do but I just sometimes wish he’d get out of my life forever. I love him but I can’t be happy either. I’m doomed


If I remember you tried divorcing him before, but he convinced you to stay or something?

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Yes that’s how it was. He can’t let me go and his family dump him on me saying he loves me I mustn’t leave him. His sister in UK even phoned my mom saying I can’t leave him. Meddling b**ch


It sounds like it’s more than you can handle. Is there a friend you could stay with on a trial basis? Just to give you some space to think

I would stay with my sister or parents if I had to leave.

I’m so moody all the time around him. He acts so weird sometimes and other times normal and gentle. I’m the angry moody one.

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If you think about killing your husband, you should get a divorce. There’s no reason to continue a miserable situation.

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Closing as you are fantasizing about killing your husband.