I'm so old - Wheel of Fortune shopping

I’m so old…

that I remember Wheel of Fortune as a kid, with Chuck Woolery and Vana White. Contestents could shop for prizes with their puzzle prize money, I liked that, but wasted a lot of time

Vana was there back then, she’s about as old as me!

I was in LA one time, for a class, visiting NBC studios, and met Pat Sajak and Gene Gene the dancing machine from the Gong Show! another old old show


that’s cool you met them. I am old too…54…sigh…all my memories of Wheel of Fortune are from a long time ago…my step dad had the hots for Vana…haha…she is pretty…

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I remember that too. Contestants had to buy things like a large ceramic dog when they had to spend down all their winnings.