I'm so me me me

I don’t want to get too close to someone like live with them because I don’t want to get involved in their issues too much. Like having to look after them if they get unwell when we grow older.

I just want to be on my own for that reason. I don’t want anyone to depend on me like that too much. A little bit is OK though

How do you guys feel about things like that.

I don’t want them to rely on me financially either.

Just wanna be very independent.

Yep that’s me!

Hopefully I don’t get some severe illnesses when I age

That would be challenging :frowning:


I decided to knuckle under to my condition when I was 54. No more living alone and being independent. It was a tough adjustment as living alone spoils one. But I’m glad I made that decision. I’m alert to myself much more now. Now, if I could just kill this headache…lol.

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Don’t worry about it. Everyone is different :monkey_face::monkey_face::monkey_face:

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I just don’t think I can cope. With my low stress tolerance and all. You know especially if I come off meds and I need to be not stressing too much. About other people. That’s the other thing

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I feel that way too. I need to be financially and healthily independent to be a good father.

If I had a good body, I could probably wing the father thing doing whatever jobs, but I’m disadvantaged enough that I need this finance and health stuff solved before I partner up.

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I dont want to live with anybody for the same reasons, it’s gone wrong with so many girlfriends, but that does not mean you have to be alone.

I want to have a stable, sincere relationship, lover, girlfriend, on the distance or something like that.

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I admit I have some specific paranoias about someone living with me too.

it’s stressful. So that’s not good for my mental health :frowning: either

Lol. Sorry about your headache that sounds really annoying

I feel the exact same way.

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