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I'm so lonely it's insane


people with schizophrenia know how to respond and maintain relationships. But they just do not succeed. The only way to do things is to risk things.

People want to change but are stuck in fixed thoughts. It is really fu cked up if you are vulnerable. fuc king ass disease. It’s a disaster and it’s nearly impossible to fix it. Only to live with it. How fu cked up is that?

If you go to the gym you can gain muscle mass. But there is no way to strenghten your mind. It’s a impossible fight…


Very true words my man


You can try to do volunteer work as well, maybe if you do it long enough you can make some friends.

It doesn’t have to be on a hospital, for example my dad helps out on a rowing club.

It’s hard I know, anyway I wish you good luck on meeting new friends :wink:


my only friends are my parents


POF.com I’m talking to 4 different girls now.


Being lonely sucks
I went for coffee today with a potential new friend I met on social website she is deaf
I was due my paranoia so I couldn’t fully relax
I text her when I got home to tell I had a bad day with my mental health she said she understands so hopefully we will keep in touch
It really has made me a loner this illness
I think you could make freinds at a local mental health group but I bet they don’t have that kind of thing in Africa


I think women like men with Schizophrenia. It’s better than having Aspergers or both.


Plenty of whales


Pretty much lmao


The love bug is nice indeed. Unfortunately it’s just as shallow and devious and dangerous as anything else to bank on.

I feel like I’ve been sinking in my own tower for a while. I had a very successful last year regarding my history.

Still no love though, and that’s all I was really going for.

Over-thinking it is the ultimate wrong thing to do… which doesn’t sit well for me… as I over think everything.

If a girl is ever eyeing you man… accept it as meaning nothing more.

What is this cantankerously backwards reality in the face of the expectations that were ingrained in me since my youth? My mother how dare you… I scowl and frown at the notion you’d have pointed me in the wrong direction just so you could have your way.

2.5 months until I’m living on my own again… I know things will pick up from there.

I say that in conjunction with the topic being… so lonely it’s insane… I can’t even connect to the whole of myself in this environment.


I’m sorry, that must be bad…


I realize that my husband and I love each other very much but just really need to work on communication. We’ve been through so much together. I say :nauseated_face: but I am a bit of a handful and he’s who he is…I realized I joke about killing myself if we weren’t together cuz I couldn’t pay for meds, but really I’d miss and need him. He makes me laugh and smile and though he can be a dick, I have to own up that I can and am quite often a bitch. I really wish everyone the best in their relationship pursuits because I really really hate to wake up and him not be there. He pushes me too hard, but maybe I need pushed. But I am a dumbass to think I could find anyone in his ballpark :hugs:


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