Im so hungry

I have hunger so bad my stomach hurts alll morning… so hunger

Do you not have access to food?


The ramen my body wouldnt let me eat but the beef ramen tasted like cockroaches. Ive been eating a can oh pineapple per day twice a day. My personal flavor prefences were letting me eat all kinds of food but now rice and beans make me sick. Ive only been eating ramen and pineapple and today i had some beef ramen thar tasted like roach feces…

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Through my personal decisions i buy poisoned food, i gotta watch out appetite is a normal human desire

I don’t think your food is poisoned. You ok?

I worked in grocery industry germaphobic a little but youd be surprised the chains with roaches and rats

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Im sick of eating things that smell like bug spray

True. But not all good has that problem. I worked in food through my teen and adult life up to my mid thirties. It depends on the place.