I'm so hungry

I shouldn’t eat but I’m so hungry. Its after midnight. Having a glass of milk. Maybe I should just go lie down.

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A glass of milk is probably better than eating late…It’s not easy but it’s good your thinking of steps to get a bit healthier. I love to eat and portion size is the hardest thing to get used too. It is a worthwhile thing though so maybe half a glass of milk…??

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Weight Control is Very Simple…,

Lesser, Healthier Portions…,

Maybe Exclude Spiritually Dangerous Foods, And Replace Those Items With Vegetable or Fruit Shakes…,

Fill in The Psychological Void With Healthy Snacks Perhaps…,

Find Comfort in Portion Control and Creativity… . … :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Maybe try foods that help you fall asleep, like milk.


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