I'm so freaking screwed


It’s been 2 hours since I missed my last dose. Doing fine so far. Thank you everyone who commented.


You should be fine.
Missing one dose should not give you any trouble.


Yeah, missing one dose shouldn’t do anything


If you miss 2 or 3 days according to my pdoc you should be okay.


Oh man I hate missing a dose it gives me a headache and voices. I hope you will be fine @TheBest


Amazingly I slept. Just 4 more hours till I get my meds. I’m on the home stretch.


Nice one on staying strong buddy.


Had your breakfast @TheBest?


Yeah I ate. Feeling okay. Thanks.


Good. I am glad. Any withdrawals?


I’m slightly agitated. I still have self control though.


Good man. Just take it easy till you get your meds. I wouldn’t recommend ‘double dosing’ I mean I would just take your meds today as normal


okay thanks :sunglasses:


How was the soccer last night? I don’t have that channel anymore


I just take my abilify on time :blush:


I get Champions League. It was fun to watch.


I have faith in your awesomeness bro, you’ll pull through!



I just took my meds normal dosage for the morning. I’m doing great thanks for all the kind words everyone. :muscle: I’m back. :sunglasses:


Good on ya. I was worried about you. Glad to see you’re feeling better. :slight_smile:


Glad things worked out for you.